Lease a refurbished stroller

The best start for your child is the sustainable Wheely stroller. 

Baby Carrycot

Fase one from 0 until around 6mths

Reversible stroller

Fase two from about 6mths until about 18mths

Lightweight Buggy

Fase three from about 18mths until about 4.5yrs

Refurbished Stroller

€10 / pmth

How does it work? 

Choose the option you prefer, new or refurbished.
Choose your favourite colour combination
Choose your preferred delivery date.
Receive our carrycot. It is not (yet) possible to start at the reversible or buggy fase.
When your child starts to outgrow one of the fases simply order the next via Whatsapp, mail or phone.

What are the advantages?

We make sure you always have working stroller.
No high upfront costs. Simply pay an attractive monthly fee.
You lease the worlds most sustainable stroller! 
Our service saves you space because you will only have the parts you really need at home.
You can cancel the service after three months.

Onze Refurbished Kinderwagen

Extendable sunshade UPF 50+

Wheely frame

Available in black. Frame measurements: 103 x 55 x 90 cm.

Anti puncture tires

Shopping basket

Capacity shopping bag 2kg

Easy fold system with integrated lock

BPA, PVC, fhthalate free stroller and mattress.

Refurbished Stroller

€10 / pmth

Product description

Our stroller has been made from high quality materials. The frame is produced using post-consumer polypropylene. The fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles.

BPA-, PVC- and fhthalate free and non-toxic
5-point security harness
Easy folding system
Adjustable sun screen
Removable safety bar
Weight of the carrycot stroller
9 kg
Weight of the reversible stroller
8 kg
Weight of the buggy
7 kg
Capacity shopping basket
2 kg
extended dimensions
103 x 55 x 79 cm
folded dimensions
15 x 33 x 79 cm